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tv   Bob Cusack on the Week Ahead  CSPAN  April 24, 2017 10:37pm-10:48pm EDT

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seeing infrastructure, something he talked about a lot in terms of roads and bridges, rebuilding things. these first two things moving. i think you will see a continued commitment to infrastructure as well. >> is the urgency to get text from? we're doing too much or not enough. look, he has made it very clear that that is a priority of his. it is something that i think both sides of the aisle, both chambers would probably agree on. there is a private partnership that could really benefit our to threecture leading we will have further details moving forward. thank you guys are much, see you tomorrow. every monday. >> barbecue sac is the editor-in-chief of the hill newspaper joining us on the phone washington. thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> walk us through what will be
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a busy, maybe unpredictable week, and where the minefields? >> this is a big week for the white house and congress. lead of the week as possible government shutdown. while i don't think there will be a government shutdown, the odds have picked up a bit. if they do not fund the government by the end of the week, there will be a shutdown. the biggest x factor is trumps wall, the funding. republican leaders in cumbersome and sent to do it as part of this spending bill, will do it is another one. democrats are saying they will not support any bill has a dime of funding for the world. conflicts bythe rayna. on the backdrop, obamacare and the on and off again republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. house republicans are getting closer to a deal cousin can get
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some of the freedom caucus initially is the first bills that had to be pulled from the house floor. the jump white house making it clear because they're 100 anniversary -- they would like a house but this week. that is highly unlikely. if anything gets to the house -- even if that does happen, the senate has craft a different bill because whatever the house passes the senate will not. this could go on for months. the biggest issue is this shutdown -- may be one of the things we are hearing is, because members -- house members will not be getting into town until tuesday night, there's not a lot of time to release a bill and have people look at it. there may be a short-term has been craft a final deal. >> will talk more about the wall. over the weekend, trip officials were adamant that the funding
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needs to be part of this. republican senator marco rubio saying, it is a debate we are having but next year, not with this current continue resolution debate. republicans?the >> there in a tough spot. a lot of republicans and some democrats to support border security and have voted for border security in the past, this is the white house is big -- this was a centerpiece of chums campaign, you he will build along the pay for.border, mexico now mexico -- the white house is saying they won't do it initially but they will pay for down the road without providing many details on that. this is not a huge priority for speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell . they want to do other business, but they know that this is very important to trump. i don't think you can get the votes to pass a funding bill
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that has while funding in it this week. will need both republicans and democrats to keep the government we have seen that before. republicans cannot just past and appropriations bill was votes on their own because there be too many republican defections. this is a quandary for the white house and republican leaders in congress. >> to be clear, you are saying, it must be a clean spending bill for democrats to agree to it. >> yes. here, obamacare subsidies that democrats want in the bill. this is a complicated legal issue that house republicans sued president obama -- saying some of these payments being shelled out were not approved by congress. they had a legal victory, the republicans, on this issue. now, that case is in limbo. it's a tough spot for the jump white house. do they continue to shell out these payments that are popular
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for obamacare coverage, or do you halt them? the court said, congress must approve these funds. they want, so no democrats are saying, we want that language in the bill. what i think will happen is, that will not make it in. the well-funded not make it in. because the white house -- the president has assigned this bill, i think he will try to get some type of assurance from republican leaders that they will start moving forward on is a completely separate appropriations bill. let me go back to health care. but we talked a few months ago, he said it had to be health care first for the administration to move ahead with tax reform. we will hear from the president on wednesday, his plan for changing america's tax code, lowering taxes. is that still the case? >> it certainly makes it easier if they had done health care first, but i don't think -- they will start tax reform debate and planning this week as you
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mentioned. president trump will unveil his plan. this is different than health care. he didn't have a specific proposal and health care. maybe that's part of the reason why it failed. planwill be a specific from the white house. we will see how it differs from the plane that house republicans are crafting right now. that includes a controversial tax on imports the white house has given mixed signals on. this is a big week for tax reform. the reason they could get savings from health-care and apply it to tax reform -- that's what the public and say -- now they don't have health care done so will be tougher to have those -- to make sure you don't have a massive hole in the deficit. it will be interesting how they unveil it. i'm interviewing steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary, on wednesday in the museum. to have toare going have details on there also. unlike health care, they will have to have a simple that such
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of why congress should pass this. tax reform is not going to be easier than health care. it could be as hard if not harder to pass. >> more details online during a get -- busy week at the thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> check out our c-span classroom website at it is full of free teaching resources for c-span classroom members. the layer gives teachers easy access to ready to go resources for the classroom, including current events videos that have important events washington, d.c. constitution clips that bring the constitution to life, social studies lesson plans, as well as, on this day in history resources. our comes to allow question teachers to search and filter by date, person, keyword, topic, and grade level. our bellringer's video clips of teacher favorites. they are short videos paired
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with discussion questions that make the federal government and politics more accessible to your students. >> i love the bell ringers. a lot of times do not use them as actual bellringer's but i will use them in conjunction with an activity that we are doing that day as marc a wrap up. >> the new website is something that is fabulous. my students use it regularly. it's so easy they are right now in a and making questions that they can design and turn to their own governors. >> my favorite aspect is the deliberation phase. it's a perfectly set up ready to go classroom deliberation, discussion, on a variety of topics that are current and relevant today. >> if you are a middle or high school teacher, join your fellow teachers across the nation as a member of c-span classroom. it is free and easy to register, at if you're registered now you can request a free classroom size american presidents timeline poster.
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of graphic display bibliographies of a 45 presidents. find out more at >> sunday on q&a, the -- the washington political salon and -- foundation of americans liberalism. talk with brett snyder on his book about a group of intellectuals. felix frankfurter, all of her wonderful junior, and herbert hoover, who met regularly in the early 1900s to debate politics and the future of the country. bracerybody is sisi -- was not a salient issue for them. they care about the rights of workers. case known ashree were the dempsey, which found newmontfirst time, dominated criminal trial of southern blacks finally did the due process clause.
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that's the first time supreme court struck down a state criminal conviction under the do-process clause. that was a huge moment in criminal trials. this led to the idea of fair criminal trials with race. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> coming up next, from washington journal, a behind-the-scenes look at the clinton presidential campaign with the co-authors of a new book, the former president barack obama travels to his hometown of chicago for his first book event since leaving office. james defense secretary meant as talks about the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. this is the book, shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. the co-authors -- thank you both for being with us. >> thinking perhaps. what story to it. you both rate quote, she hillary has less


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